Things You Should Know

ABSYZ is a unique consulting and implementation partner because:

Started by a team, passionate about salesforce.com. Pure salesforce.com company, with no other distractions. Highly qualified resources .

Our Expertise

ABSYZ has a core team with minimum 5 salesforce.com certifications each. The rest of the team is selected based on very tough interview process and entire team works out of their passion for salesforce.com. Most of the the team members have prior experience from some of the top consulting firms. Combine this with the industry knowledge and functional experience, you cannnot go wrong choosing ABSYZ.

Winning Combination

We never take up a project just because you asked for it. We use the right tool for the right requirement. Unless there is a tangible business benefit and we can prove your return on investment, we don't take up the work. Many times salesforce.com might not be the right solution for your needs. You can avail our pre-project analysis or audit services to check whether salesforce.com is the right solution for your needs.



Our team of certified experts in Marketing, Sales and Service Cloud implementations will help you in deciding the right solution for your business needs.


We have expertise in APEX, Sites, Visualforce, Mobility, Territory-management, Customizable forecasting, Multiple currency management, Entitlement management, Communities etc. Our solutions include basic sales cloud and service cloud implementations, dealer locators, appexchange products, analytics and more.


ABSYZ can provide a unique delivery model which not only makes sure that our implementations are well supported but also ensures enhancements and changes on time, keeping our clients instance up-to-date


ABSYZ can provide you with testing solutions for salesforce.com projects including automatic GUI testing, functional testing, preparation of test scripts, UT classes and code coverage for your existing modules.


We have dedicated teams for internal and corporate trainings. We also excel in end-user and client training for our implementations.


ABSYZ can provide you external consultants for auditing your salesforce.com implementations and solutions.

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