Responsive WEB TO LEAD


Leads were coming from sales teams, partner eco system , tradeshows , campaigns and websites. Sales incentives were linked to leads and hence there were too many duplicate leads which were not tracked properly. Lead generation, scoring and opportunity lifecycle process was complex or nonexistent and client was looking for a one stop solution to handle all these problems in salesforce.com (Enterprise Edition)


A standard web-to-lead form had many limitations. Hence a custom visualforce based web-to-lead form was created which would generate a unique code for each user at the time of registration. The form was exhaustive and using URL parameter passing, the same form was reused for all lead generation channels. With a customized save and submit functionality users could revisit and edit their forms till they submit the final version. The custom solution also helped users add attachments directly to leads without logging in to salesforce.com.


Being a responsive desing, the webform was available across devices and was an instance hit among users. The same layout was used in website, partner portal, emails and internal sales teams. Using a simple unique code algorithm, duplication issue was solved to a great extent without much overheads. The immediate impact of the solution was 80% increase in new lead registrations and multifold increase in adoption.

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