"Prometer: In salesforce it is not possible to visualize a particular stage or status in the record itself, whether it be Lead, Opportunity or Case. The status value is a picklist and if an end-user does not have edit access on this field, it is not possible to even check the next status values for the record."


"ABSYZ created a free appexchange solution for this issue. The App Pometer helps customers to setup a visualforce panel which helps them to easily see all the steps in any given process and also highlights the current status of the record.

Some of the highlights of this solution are

  • Real time visualization of your process for better user adoption.

  • Eight Awesome templates to choose from.

  • Lets users see the entire End-to-End process easily

  • Completely configurable for any picklist field in any standard or custom object.


"ProMeter has potentially infinite use cases. Here are some of the areas where you would really love to use it:

  • Showing progress of Case in communities

  • Sales/Partner want to know the status of his opportunity .

  • User does not have edit access to a stage field but want to know the future stages

  • User wants to know end-to-end process for his RecordType

  • Take Printouts with Entire process stages

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